Our Team

Arly Dewan, RMT 

Arly is a graduate of Kikkowa College. She is a Registered Massage Therapist and a CranioSacral Therapist. She is trained in Swedish, Cupping and Prenatal Massage along with extensive training and experience with CranioSacral work.
Arly became a RMT, CST because of a physical connection that can be created with a client through manual practice that allows a client to take a path of self healing with an understanding of their bodies. To co-operatively work together towards a common goal of an effective, specific and unique treatment for each individual.
Arly’s experience as an athlete in sports as diverse as Hoop dancing to competing on the Women’s Premier  World Dragon boat team has given her an intimate knowledge of therapeutic rehab.


Melissa McMullen, RMT

Melissa has been immersing herself in healthcare and energy medicine modalities for 16 years, starting her journey as an RMT and level 1 Reiki practitioner. Her thirst for knowledge led her to taking classes in past life energies, family dynamics, chakra and meridian balancing, energetic cord cutting and much more. From her past experiences, knowledge, and intuition she created Synergy Massage, a combination of massage therapy, aromatherapy, quantum healing, chakra balancing and guided meditation.
She has always had a passion for past life energies and has recently taken both Level 1 and 2 of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and is now offering Past Life Regression Sessions at Nature’s Gifts. Melissa has the unique ability to see what her clients are experiencing while in trance which allows her to go deeper with them in their sessions. Gently leading them on a journey of self discovery and empowerment.
Melissa works on a cellular and DNA level facilitating shifts at their core. She assists her clients in shifting old emotions, patterning, and beliefs that no longer serve, allowing them to create the space for greater potential. She believes that by creating change within ourselves we have the ability to create change within our families, communities and our world.


Michelle Wojcik, RMT 

Finding a moment of stillness can be really difficult in this ever-changing world. I believe that healing happens in this stillness, where the chatter of the mind dissipates, and we are able to re-connect with what the body is feeling or experiencing. When this connection is achieved, awareness can be brought to the areas that may require further healing. As an RMT, I use massage as a tool to help my clients achieve a meditative state, improving mind-body connection, enhancing self-awareness, while releasing physical pain or tension that no longer serves.

As someone who spent the majority of her life looking for a safe space within herself, I value creating a safe, supportive space where my clients can pause, breathe, and discover their own unique path of healing. 


With my experience as a national level athlete and degree in Physical Health Education, I look forward to applying my knowledge of human kinesiology to my passion of holistic wellness, while continuing to expand my knowledge of different modalities and methods of treatment to best support you. 


Jacinda Thomson

Jacinda has been working in Health care for over 20 years, her caring nature ensures all patients receive the care they need to heal.   She is trained in Manual Osteopathy, Acupuncture, and Yoga Therapy.   Jacinda uses a combination of these therapies to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries, including sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain, post-surgical, postpartum conditions, injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents (whiplash, concussions), and other common conditions.  Her Thesis was written on the Geriatric Patient and the positive outcome Osteopathy has on this population.  A recent article she wrote, Osteopathy Helps Mom and Baby was featured in the Healthy Living Magazine.


Dr. Lei Gu Bsc. ND

After working in the pharmaceutical industry for a year post graduating from the University of Toronto, I decided to go back to school to pursue my passion in health care. I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and have been in practice for over 13 years.

I spent the most recent 6 years of practice working with cancer patients at an integrative medicine clinic. Working with this patient population has been and continues to be the most rewarding and humbling experience for me as a clinician.  I have had the opportunity to work with patients not typically seen at naturopathic practices. This allowed me to see limitations of both conventional as well as naturopathic approaches. For patients to achieve the best possible outcome, an integrative approach is necessary.

I would be honoured to share all that I have learned both as a healthcare provider as well as a career woman with a family to help each and every one of my patients achieve the best possible health.


Alicia Ayala

Alicia has been perfecting her craft as an aesthetician for the past 15 years throughout the GTA. Through her work in the past she has gained a multitude of knowledge by performing various different beauty techniques; such as, traditional aesthetic services, organic facials and waxing, use of essential oils, and working with plant-based products. After persevering through her own skin healing journey she was inspired to use what she had learned in the past in order to help others she encounters throughout her profession. Currently, Alicia is continuing to learn about organic compounds/products and how they react with the skin; as well, she wants to build upon her wealth of knowledge by constantly seeking new information on how to help each individual client that sees her.


Sheila Abbruzzo, Yoga

Sheila is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Trainer in the Kripalu Yoga tradition. She is also certified to teach Yin Yoga and Advanced Yin Yoga (Traditional Chinese Medicine with chakras and meridians). Sheila practices and shares yoga and other methods of improving energy awareness as methods for restoring and balancing the body, mind and soul.
Trained in Compassionate Inquiry, Sheila is a therapeutic space holder and meditation coach specializing in CBT and MBSR. She is a certified Reiki II healer and practitioner and is a certified by the Thai Massage Toronto school as a Thai Masseuse. She is whole-heartedly committed to being of service to our community and especially passionate about healing trauma as it relates to ACE’s and any form of addiction.   
Immersing herself in nature while hiking and biking nearly every day, Sheila is most in her element near the water. Her spiritual connection begins in meditation and a self-healing Reiki practice every day. She enjoys a regular dose of herbs, essential oils and spiritual readings to restore and improve energy in and around her environment. Yoga is a journey, for Sheila, it’s a way of life. “We are all just walking each other home” (Ram Dass) Sheila will be offering Thai massage and yoga and much more!


Lina Genetti, Yoga 

We’re excited to welcome Lina back!! Here is her bio Lina has an extensive background in physical education and wellness, having earned her Associate Teaching Diplomas in ballet and jazz, as well as a college Business Diploma in Fitness Management. Once introduced to yoga, an exciting spark was ignited from within, not only was the physical body moving, but there was now mindfulness involved that made the wellness circle complete! This was a feeling too good to keep to herself, so in 2011, she dove deeper completing her 200 hours of yoga teacher training under the Anusara principles of Hatha Yoga as well as completing her Rainbow Kids Yoga certificate in 2013. She knew that becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher would allow her, not only to fulfill her own passion, but to share this complete bliss! Through her humble guidance, she wants nothing but you to feel connected with your own spark at the end of each journey together. 

Joan Cordoba, Yoga 

Joan began her yoga journey in 2000 when at the time, she was a busy mom of two young children.  Yoga was her “me-time”, the solitude she needed for mind & body recalibration & fitness. It offered a sense of calm & strength, a softening & a gentle lesson on compassion & letting go.  Yoga became a source of wisdom, physically & emotionally, that she carries with her today.  To deepen her practice, she obtained her 200hr yoga teaching certificate in June 2019 and her 50hr Restorative teaching certificate in March 2019 under the guidance of Pat Harada-Linfoot, YuMee Chung, and Nicky Poole at Octopus Garden Yoga in Toronto.  At the end of 2020, she completed the 300hr yoga teacher training at Downward Dog Yoga Centre under Pat Harada-Linfoot, Ron Reid, and Marla Joy with areas of concentration in Modern Day Asana, Yoga for Cancer, and Yoga Detour. Joan currently teaches various areas of CAMH Joan encourages her students to have integrity in their practice, listen to the wisdom of their bodies, challenge themselves, find their compassionate edge, and to emulate this in their daily life.



Davida Robertson, Yoga

Davida’s love for Yoga dates back to 1998 but a much bigger commitment to the practice didn’t come until later. Having been someone who thrived on connecting people to concepts and ideas in her previous career, it became clear that similarly connecting people to Yoga and sharing the connection, enthusiasm and improved mobility that comes with consistent practice was important to her. 

Having completed her 200 Hour YTT and Restorative Yoga training, Davida’s classes are designed to be creative, purposeful, inclusive, and gratifying….. and they are always influenced by a great playlist. 

Her classes focus on exploring what feels right for you in your body. It’s the new discoveries uncovered about ourselves when practicing in this way that keep her passionate about her own practice and guiding others in class.

Christina Marcoppido, Meditation 

Christina started meditation shortly after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2020. It helped improve her physical and emotional health as well as managing her pain. After practicing meditation on her own, Christina realized she could support others on their journey to wellness.
Christina has always had a passion for teaching, supporting and nurturing others. This passion led her to complete her Meditation Practitioners Certificate in 2022 and is now accredited by the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. Knowing the positive impact meditation made on her journey with cancer, Christina enjoys bringing the benefits of guided meditation to others.
Meditation is a life long practice and very personal. When Christina is working with her clients, she supports them in setting a foundation and building a practice that is right for them; a practice that teaches them to be mindful of their thoughts and emotions. A practice that allows her clients to go into their minds, focus and find peace.