Our Team

Alyssa Grace Patera

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I have grasped and been exposed to a variety of knowledge and experience in my field of work.  I am always open to learning new methods of treatment to address your pain as effectively as possible.  I value key components like home care and creating a journey to wellness.  

To achieve clients goals, I incorporate proper alignment and use of breath in order to deepen the mind body connection, all while applying a broad range of pressure and depth to soft tissues.

The home care provided will include stretching and or strengthening exercises to complement the massage treatment and client’s goals. This creates a well rounded treatment plan and more sustainable results. 

Together we can communicate pain management techniques specialized for you. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for health with you and working towards your wellness.


Alicia Ayala

Alicia has been perfecting her craft as an aesthetician for the past 15 years throughout the GTA. Through her work in the past she has gained a multitude of knowledge by performing various different beauty techniques; such as, traditional aesthetic services, organic facials and waxing, use of essential oils, and working with plant-based products. After persevering through her own skin healing journey she was inspired to use what she had learned in the past in order to help others she encounters throughout her profession. Currently, Alicia is continuing to learn about organic compounds/products and how they react with the skin; as well, she wants to build upon her wealth of knowledge by constantly seeking new information on how to help each individual client that sees her.


Tracy Griffin

Tracy has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1996 when she graduated from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy. She enjoyed running her own massage therapy practice for 14 years before deciding to work from home to spend more quality time with her family, and to focus on craniosacral. 
Although she was drawn to massage initially, she was led to Craniosacral therapy and energy healing, to help people heal on all levels- physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. She took her first Craniosacral course in Texas in 2001 through the Upledger Institute, and has practiced this fascinating therapy that releases holding patterns in the body and works with the fluid that surrounds and protects your brain and spinal cord, ever since. She did further studies through the Upledger Institute and with Robert Harris of the Cranial Therapy Center in downtown Toronto. 
She has amazing results doing Craniosacral with concussions, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain that can’t be figured out and so much more. 
Energy healing became a part of her life after being immersed and taught by the Universe and a few beautiful souls on her path for a life-changing 10 year period, which continues to this day. She became a Reiki Master in 2015. 
Tracy works from the heart always and her intention in any healing treatment is for the highest good of her clients and the Universe. 
She’s excited to work with the many exceptional therapists at Nature’s Gifts to help you wherever you are on your healing journey.


Melissa McMullen

Melissa has been immersing herself in healthcare and energy medicine modalities for 16 years, starting her journey as an RMT and level 1 Reiki practitioner. Her thirst for knowledge led her to taking classes in past life energies, family dynamics, chakra and meridian balancing, energetic cord cutting and much more. From her past experiences, knowledge and intuition she created Synergy Massage, a one stop shop for energy healing.

Melissa works on a cellular and DNA level facilitating shifts at their core. She assists her clients in shifting old emotions, patterning, and beliefs that no longer serve, allowing them to create the space for greater potential. She believes that by creating change within ourselves we have the ability to create change within our families, communities and our world.

Jacinda Thomson

Jacinda has been working in Health care for over 20 years, her caring nature ensures all patients receive the care they need to heal.   She is trained in Manual Osteopathy, Acupuncture, and Yoga Therapy.   Jacinda uses a combination of these therapies to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries, including sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain, post-surgical, postpartum conditions, injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents (whiplash, concussions), and other common conditions.  Her Thesis was written on the Geriatric Patient and the positive outcome Osteopathy has on this population.  A recent article she wrote, Osteopathy Helps Mom and Baby was featured in the Healthy Living Magazine.


Rachelle Watson

My name is Rachelle and I am a Social Worker registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. I have experience working across a wide range of mental health care settings and have offered both assessment as well as individual and group therapy services to those struggling with grief and loss, chronic health diagnoses, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as alcohol and substance misuse.
I am extremely passionate about both mental and physical health and wellness and I also hold a Personal Training Specialist certification issued by CanFitPro. I aim to combine my knowledge, skills and experience related to mental health care with the philosophy that overall wellness is holistic and involves caring for the mind, body and soul in their entirety.
My therapeutic approach is eclectic. I employ elements and techniques from various therapeutic modalities with the goal of establishing a course of therapy that is personalized to each individual client. I am collaborative, compassionate and client-driven to ensure that my clients get the most out of their time with me.

Brittany Bird

Brittany Bird is known as an energy medicine specialist/performance coach that looks at the body as a whole. Her unique approaches and personal experience in all physical, mental, and emotional realms has allowed her to work successfully with an array of clients from former NHL players, pro golfers, Entrepreneurs, and of course the busy mom/dad.  

Brittany is a believer in pushing , but not just physically, also psychologically in order to fulfill one’s self and reach their full potential and heal from the inside out.

Brittany has been studying energy medicine and different modalities for over 6 years now and has trained with European Doctors and other masters in the industry.


Arly Dewan, RMT

Arly is a graduate of Kikkowa College. She is a Registered Massage Therapist and a CranioSacral Therapist. She is trained in Swedish , Hot stone and Prenatal Massage along with extensive training and experience with CranioSacral work.

Arly became a RMT, CST because of a physical connection that can be created with a client through manual practice that allows a client to take a path of self healing with an understanding of their bodies. To co-operatively work together towards a common goal of an effective, specific and unique treatment for each individual. Arly’s experience as an athlete in sports as diverse as Hoop dancing to competing on the Women’s Premier  World Dragon boat team has given her an intimate knowledge of therapeutic rehab.

Dr. Evan Megraw

Dr. Evan Megraw is an avid sports fan, and grew up in Stouffville, playing baseball beginning at the age of four. During his competitive years, an elbow injury began to affect his performance. His parents brought him to a chiropractor to resolve the issue. Dr. Megraw was inspired by his experience, and became motivated to heal others, just as his chiropractor had healed him.
Dr. Megraw attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where he earned his Bachelor of Health Sciences degree with a specialization in Kinesiology. Following graduating, he moved to Seneca Falls, New York, where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College.
During his time in chiropractic college, he was treated with neurofunctional acupuncture for a knee injury, which helped the healing process of his injury. From this experience, he was motivated to complete the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (neurofunctional acupuncture) program at McMaster University.



Dr. Lei Gu Bsc. ND

After working in the pharmaceutical industry for a year post graduating from the University of Toronto, I decided to go back to school to pursue my passion in health care. I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and have been in practice for over 13 years.

I spent the most recent 6 years of practice working with cancer patients at an integrative medicine clinic. Working with this patient population has been and continues to be the most rewarding and humbling experience for me as a clinician.  I have had the opportunity to work with patients not typically seen at naturopathic practices. This allowed me to see limitations of both conventional as well as naturopathic approaches. For patients to achieve the best possible outcome, an integrative approach is necessary.

I would be honoured to share all that I have learned both as a healthcare provider as well as a career woman with a family to help each and every one of my patients achieve the best possible health.